Nandhi Hydro Cyclone

Nandhi Hydro Cyclone

Model Dewatering
Screen Size
Capacity (HP)
Cyclone Size Vibro Motor (HP)
Cyclone 70 6x4 15 300 2HPx2
Cyclone 100 8x6 20 325 3HPx2
Cyclone 150 10x6 20 400 5HPx2
Cyclone 200 12x6 30 400 5HPx2
Cyclone 250 12x7 30 500 7.5HPx2

Feature & Benefits

  • Serialization, large_scale,specification cut size:4 microns-400 microns.
  • Various wear_resisting materials:High alumina ceramic, polyurethane, ceramic composite

Working Principle

The working principle of Nandhi cyclone is central sedimentation when two phases mixed liquid is fed into hydro cyclone by certain pressure liquid and produces strong rotational movement.Due to the different density of particles,the centrifugal force, the working modes sand removing sand, washing ultrafine classification.